Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Rag Rug Project

Well this project has been in the works for a little while now, it is taking me quite a long time as I am doing little bits to it here and there. But I thought I would post about my inspiration for making my rag rug and how far I have got so far. Later on I will post a tutorial about it =)

A while back we had a clear out of some old t-shirts and Pippa made some strips from them and crocheted together a phone holder. It was very nice and soft and I thought a lovely way of reusing/upcycling the old t-shirts, which got me thinking about other ways to use them. 

I also saw a few things on pinterest, there are a number of different ways to make a T-shirt rag rug, the main ones are linked below:

You can make a long piece of fabric from lots of strips attached end to end, this can then be crocheted or stitched together in a circle usually:

using a strip and crocheting, then sewing
image from:

Another method uses strips of fabric which are tied through or looped through a backing fabric to provide a ruffled finish to the rug.
a very different finish
image from:
I have decided to go for the second method because I think it will provide a much better feeling under my feet. I actually got the inspiration to start this because I found some hessian bags for sale in a local charity shop and decided they would make a good backing. In hindsight I should have either used half of the bag or got a plastic rug mesh backing to use with slightly larger holes... but oh well you live and learn.

I started off around the outside first and then started filling in the middle. In an ideal world I would just use fabric from old t-shirts and other suitable clothing, however it's hard to find t-shirts that are in a wide variety of colours, I would mainly have had a yellow and blue rug with white edging... so instead I may have bought some fabric from fabricland in a wide variety of colours to make my rug look really cool. 

Here is some of my fabric:


And it cut into strips:


The start of my rug with it's white edge:


Further into the project, still a long way to go though:


and how it looks at the moment.... I'd say it might be about halfway finished...possibly 


Well there's still lots more to do, so next time I sit down in front of the tv I'll be sure to get the rag rug out and add some more strips. I will post a tutorial when it is complete =)


Monday, 14 April 2014

Colour Inspiration: Bouquet

This colour pallet could be used as inspiration colours for a wedding, birthday party or just redecorating the lounge.

The image was from here, but the original was from Style Me Pretty, but the correct link is missing so if anyone knows it please let me know.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Weekly Roundup: 13th April

We went to Ikea again and bought some flooring to put down in the downstairs toilet as an extra layer between our toes and the cold terracotta tiles. It will also hopefully stop it being as damp in there
New Flooring

Nikki baked Creme Egg Brownies.

The recipe was posted on Thursday, and we have been doing some blog 'spring cleaning' and have updated our Tutorial and Recipes pages to be nicer to look at and easier to find things so go and check them out and pick up this yummy recipe whilst you are there...

Nikki baked strawberry and almond traybake, and I finally tried the cooked ham hocks that Sainsbury's do for dinner. It was wonderful and there was more than enough for three of us for dinner and leftovers for me the next day :-)


I volunteered at BHF again for the afternoon and came back with two new tops... Nikki left to stay at her other half's parents for the weekend.
My other half went home today as well leaving me home alone to find a suitable pattern for this lovely material in my stash:

Home alone on Friday I caught up with some blog posts and general organisation, before deciding to create a pattern for this peasant blouse that I wanted to produce. Shortly after I finished drafting the pattern I got invited out for drinks. Would there be enough time to make up the top to wear out that evening...

Well apparently there was, although the sleeves need adjusting to remove the poofyness:

I did some more organising which resulted with me being sidetracked by a WIP so i spent a lot of time sewing up the bodice on that.
Also all this cleaning must be having some affect on me as I ended up ironing a set of curtains! but couldn't put them up as the tension rod was too small for my window :-( 

So I treated myself to another version of the peasant blouse with modified sleeves. I'm loving these 'instant gratification' projects and also the practical wearable additions to my wardrobe.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spring Cleaning: Fabric

Continuing on from last week there has been a lot more spring cleaning going on in this house... As you can see the charity shop pile has got a little bigger, even though I have taken one of the bags down already.


This week we have mostly been focusing on the Sewing Room and the Lounge, which used to be our fabric storeroom... We have managed to move most of the fabric out of there now and just have the Large boxes of scraps for Draught Excluders etc.

Most of the fabric has been boxed up and has made its way onto the shelving in the Sewing Room/Guest Bedroom. Here is what it looked like before:

Sewing Room
During Tidying...

Definitely at the stage of tidying commonly known as looking like a bomb has hit, the places definitely looks worse in the middle of tidying than it did at the start. Or at least in my case it does.

Fabric Boxes 2
The shelves afterwards
Afterwards all the fabrics are all boxed up neatly by type:

Fabric Boxes
Neatly in Boxes
All the little things that come with sewing, Thread, Elastic etc nicely put away in their own boxes. Hopefully this means I can now find what im looking for with out too much hassle.

Thread boxes etc
Threads, Elastic, Ribbons and Buttons each in their own place
Now Hopefully I can find the colours we have.
Next to make the Lounge usable once more...

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Latin Dress: Finished!

So I have finally finished my latin dress! See all my posts about the making of my latin dress here. I have to say it took me quite a while to actually finish off the last little bit, because the fit of the top of the dress wasn't quite right and I put it off for a while. In the end all it needed was the neck strap to be shortened a little which raised the dress up a bit. I also put in hooks and eyes so that I can actually get into the dress without difficulty.

Ta-da! Here it is on me just after being finished.

I have to say I'm very pleased with how it turned out. If I made another dress in this style I would probably use stretch fringe though, because it is a little bit of a wiggle getting into it. Also I would make the top of the leotard wider as it seemed to shrink slightly when the fringe was added (although that might not happen if I was using stretch fringe)
I would also try to find sew on stones to attach to the top layer of fringe as the stick on ones seem not to stick very well to it.

So I have worn it a couple of times since I finished it, and here are some pictures of me dancing in it, Unfortunately there aren't very many since I only wear it for the team match and not for my actual latin competition as that is restricted dress.

Hopefully there will be many more photos when I get the chance to wear it more. But I'm very happy with how it turned out. If I get a chance I might try to write a post about how much it cost me to make it in comparison to how much it might have cost me to buy a dress of similar quality. 


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Creme Egg Brownies!

Well it is coming up to easter now and part of that means creme eggs! I love these, and I wanted to do some baking, so I decided to combine the two and make some creme egg brownies. The recipe I used for this was a modified version of Mocha Brownies.


Recipe: (Makes 32 ish)

110g/4oz Butter
130g/8oz Plain chocolate in pieces
350g/12oz brown sugar
4 eggs
2tbsp coffee powder (dissolved in water and cooled)
170g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder

110g/4oz roughly chopped pecan nuts
55g/2oz apricots chopped
55g/2oz dates chopped
Mini creme eggs (halved) to decorate
Large handful of Chocolate chips

chopped fruit (dates and apricots)halved creme eggs 


  1. Grease and line a baking tray, pre-heat the oven to 180 deg C
  2. Melt the butter and chocolate together until smooth and set the mixture to one side
  3. Place the sugar and eggs together in a bowl/mixer and cream together until fluffy (this can take a while if using quite dark sugar)
  4. Fold in the chocolate mixture and cooled coffee and mix thoroughly.

  5. brownie8
    Mixing in the chocolate mixture
  6. Fold in the fruit, nuts and chocolate chips (whichever you choose to add)

  7. brownie4
    Add the fruit and chocolate chips
  8. Pour the mix into the prepared tin, then add the creme eggs to the top of the mix.

  9. brownie3
    Pour the mixture into the tin, make it fairly level
    Creme eggs arranged in the brownies, looking good
  10. Bake at 180 deg C for approx 25mins.
  11. Leave to cool and cut into pieces.
Looking good, and they definitely went down well, I've only got a few left!

A few tips on how I might do it differently next time or important things to note:
The amazing creme eggs! They taste so good.
I used mini creme eggs because I thought they would be much easier to portion up, however they got a bit swallowed by the mix, to make sure they can be seen I would probably either use the full sized eggs, or add them part way through cooking, maybe 5-10 minutes in, that way hopefully they won't sink/melt their way all the way into the cake. They still taste amazing though!
The eggs have been slightly swallowed up...
I didn't use any nuts in this, because I tend not to have them in brownies (plus I know a couple of people with nut allergies) but if you like the texture then add them in. I substituted them with the fruit which does add a different flavour so bear that in mind when you choose what fruit to add.

It is quite a rich brownie mix, so you can cut it into fairly small pieces and it doesn't seem too small, although since it's soooo tasty you will probably be wanting multiple pieces anyway!

I have an issue with cooking brownies sometimes because I tend to overcook them and not manage to make them gooey. So just be careful not to leave them in the oven for too long. I would probably take them out a little before you think they are done, because they will stay warm for a while. 

Enjoy baking (and more importantly eating) them!


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fabric Sneak Peak

So we have quite a projects in the works at the moment, but since they won't be completed for a little while we thought we would give you a little taster of some of the things that will be coming up soon. So here are some of the fabrics that have projects planned and in progress in our sewing room at the moment.

Some of them I will tell you what I have lined up for them, other ones it will be a little bit more of a surprise... wouldn't want to reveal it all in one go now would we?
Just look at all those lovely fabrics waiting to be used!
Here is a photo of all of the fabrics we have lined up for projects at the moment. You can definitely see that we are leaving winter behind us with the brighter colours that we have chosen for our fabrics. No muted fabrics any more, spring and summer palette here we come!

Some silk ready to turn into a lovely robe

Here is a lovely blue silk which Pippa picked up from Fabricland. It has a lovely light floral pattern in it which has a slight Japanese appearance. 

This is going to make an appearance soon as a robe, so keep an eye out for the post describing it being made.

Me in leopard print? Wouldn't have seen that coming.

Now one of my fabrics. I would definitely not have said I was ever a person to wear leopard print, but this is such a lovely fabric. 
It's a polyester/spandex blend which I went for as a matt alternative to Lycra but it still has a nice stretch.
This will be used in my dress series, I have some exciting plans for it using new techniques I've never done before!
a little bit more silk

Another silk here for Pippa, she is definitely in a bit of a silk mood at the moment, although this one is a much lighter fabric than the one above. I'm sure it will be a little bit of a pain to work with but I think it will give some lovely results for the slightly warmer weather we will hopefully get this summer.

oh look, more flowery fabric...

Floral is clearly very 'in' at the moment in our fabric choices. This one is a lovely t-shirting material, but with a bit more of a stretch.

It feels wonderfully soft and hopefully it will make a good top which will move nicely. (I also have my eye on this in a brown/beige combination)
Something without flowers on it!

Well this doesn't look like the most exciting fabric in the world, although I guess they can't all be flowery... But this is a very nice piece of fleece material which is going to be turned into some eco-friendly face wipes!

Now that we've started using them more we definitely need something we can re-use!

and the final fabric in this sneak peak... yes it is more flowers... But I just had to buy this when I was in Fabricland the other day. 

It's a gorgeous t-shirting material which I will happily be turning into a beach cover dress which I will be able to wear over my bikini (when we actually get some bikini weather... maybe I'll just have to go on holiday to make sure I can get some use out of it...)

So there you have a sneak peak into some of the fabrics that will be coming up in our projects soon. I have to say I didn't really quite how much floral fabric there was until I put this post together. But all of the fabrics look lovely so I can't wait to get started with the projects!

We should have some posts up soon showing progress/finished projects using all these fabrics! 

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