I actually made something I saw on Pinterest!

I spend a lot of time on Pintrest at the moment. Everyone said how addictive it was from the beginning but I hadn't realised just how addictive it really was! That is until now.

But I have started making some of the things that I have pinned:

Source: psimadethis.com via Pippa on Pinterest

I attempted this using an old orange tshirt of mine, I  looks lovely but is not the most wearable thing in the world at the moment as it has a tendancy not to stay up and slips down. I might have to elasticate the neckline to keep it in place. We will see how it goes:

Source: madebylex.com via Pippa on Pinterest

I have tried making boot socks out of old jumpers before this tutorial appeared on my Pinterest, but I love her descriptions of how to embellish them.
I have had trouble with this as the sleeves of the jumper I got are not wide enough to go around my calves so I had to get another jumper which had puffy bottoms to the sleeves and these work nicely.

Source: etsy.com via Pippa on Pinterest

Source: alisaburke.blogspot.com via Pippa on Pinterest

These two versions of this skirt have caught my eye lately and one evening I decided that I NEEDED one of these and sat down at the sowing machine, voila a few hours I had my own version of this which made me very happy :D
Mine is slightly different but done  with the same principle. Now that autumn is here and I get to wear chunky tights and boot socks I have been wearing this out a lot. 
Photos and details of how to change the tutorial to come soon.

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