It was all worth it...

The last few weeks have been a crazy busy with a dress rehearsal on thursday evening and a full show on Friday evening, Matinee and Evening shows on Saturday. 
I had to spend a lot of time finishing the skirts and dresses during the week and haven't really had much time for anything else except more rehersals.

All of this has been worth it though as they all looked soo good, and I had so many compliments either said directly to me or people complimenting us in general on our costumes. 

All in all it was definitely worth it but if I do do it again next year I am going to make sure that we all start earlier...

So I would like to share with you a photo that was taken after our Matinee performance:

Apologies for the street light shadow but here are all of us in the skirts. At the moment I don't have a good picture of everyone in their dresses but I will arrange for one to be taken. 

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