'Monday' Motivation...

Ok so not really a Monday motivation this week. It seems that my perception of what a week is is slightly skewed at the moment. Or more correctly what day is what. 

I have been out doing lots of sailing lately. Most of it has been paid work but I managed to get some racing 'for myself' in the weekend before last. I sailed at the Womens Open Keel-Boat Championships for the third year in a row and we managed a personal best! Having come second for the last two years we finally managed to crack it and win the event this year. YAY...

We had some lovely sailing conditions and some interesting competition. Only half of the 8 crew we had onboard sailed on the boat normally and three had never stepped foot on this boat before, but we all managed to come together and get the boat working well with out too much hassle, which was a wonderful experience. 

When we first went out sailing we thought we might not get any racing in as there was not a breath of wind, but this picked up and we managed to get some very decent racing conditions.  

Us having our powow before starting racing. 

Mid Gybe.

Not only did we manage to win our class, winning every race over the weekend but we managed to win the event overall beating the leading J80 to take this lovely (but slightly dangerous) metal sculpture. 

I hope that this can be inspiration to you all, to never give up. You can do what you aim to do, even if it is the third time you try...

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