Paris! And upcoming projects.

Okay so this might have happened a few weeks ago...but I have been so busy I didn’t manage to post this...

*squeal* Well this weekend my parents are taking me and Pippa to Paris! I’m super excited. I’ve never visited it properly, having only passed through it on the way back from the south of France once, and that was at 2am. I’m quite sure the drunken Frenchmen at the Eiffel Tour don’t quite show the City in its best light...

But this will be another capital city ticked off from the capital cities of Europe - Travelling in Europe and a city I’ve wanted to visit for a long time.
I’ve still got lots of stuff to sort out before then as it’s a long weekend so I need to have packed my clothes by Wednesday. Now, packing and deciding on which clothes to take is definitely not my favourite part of going on holiday.

I’m really looking forward to visiting the sites and finding little Parisien cafés, if the weather decides to behave itself it should be amazing and I’ll have to take lots of photos, which should give me lots to talk about on here, and hopefully some inspiration for future projects.

Speaking of future projects there are some things which I should have coming up soon. I did a charity shop trip last weekend and came back with some nice tops which are floaty and nice in the hot weather but a couple of them need a little work done to them to make them fit me nicely, so hopefully when I get a little time to sit down at my sewing machine I can get that done.

Also I have a personal project about getting fitter and doing more exercise! I’ve started walking to the office from the station and back instead of taking the bus, at least when the weather is nice. So that’s good for improving the amount of activity I do, but I’m also hoping to go to the gym more. I’m going to post some updates about this to give me some more motivation to keep going with it.

Ah so much to keep me busy these days. 


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