The trials and tribulations of florentines

So I may have made a promise to a friend that I would bake him something to send him on his return for a crazy cycling trip... (and by crazy I mean cycling 900miles through 8 different countries in 8 days)

Since I was working from home yesterday (trip to the dentists – so not so fun) I decided it was probably the best evening to do some baking. I had quite a tough time deciding what I wanted to make though, because it needed to be post friendly. But I eventually decided on Ginger Florentines and some Coconut slice.
Unfortunately I didn't really have a chance to take any photos since I was quite pushed for time as it was. Feeling quite zombie-like from the lack of sleep today.

But my work paid off and they taste really good =) which I'm glad about and the coconut slice was fairly straight forward to make. The Florentines on the other hand...

I can never seem to get the Florentines to come off of the baking tray easily. If I use greaseproof paper it sticks to the paper and I have to wrestle with it to get the paper off, usually ripping the paper and breaking the Florentines. If I do them straight on to a baking tray they never seem to come off.

I remember a batch I made before where I ended up having to freeze them and then chip them off the baking tray after a while. Not a great success.

This time I tried shovelling (i think that is probably an appropriate word) them off the greaseproof paper as soon as they came out of the oven and putting them on a plate (after reshaping). This was reasonably successful, but as soon as they cooled down even a bit they just stuck to the paper and would not let go!
Has anyone else got a special technique for making Florentines? I was thinking I might have to try using a silicon baking sheet instead, but I didn't have one available.

The coconut slice in comparison was an absolute dream to make, although I did have to sacrifice one square to make it easier to cut all the others out. Oh what a shame...I just had to eat that one...