Fitting for my Body

I have managed to get some sewing in recently which is good and have spent some time working out how to fit a few staples to my weird body shape, ok so I have only done a small amount of fitting and have still got to work out how to deal with my sway back but that is another issue...

Renfrew T-shirt (top) and Sorbetto Top (bottom). I have finally modified these patterns to fit my shape/tastes.
Some of the Modifications. Top L Sorbetto FBA, I also lowered the Armscye. Top R, Creating facings for another Sorbetto
Bottom, Adding some volume to the Sorbetto sleeve template.

I'm very glad to have finally sorted out getting the Sorbetto pattern to fit me as I think this is such a good shell pattern that I can modify in many ways to get what I want. It did take me a while to work out what I needed to do and now I have to just suck it up and realise that I need to do an FBA which is what I did on my New Look 6123 muslin and other than needing to take some length out of the bottom of the CB seam it pretty much fitted me out of the pack after that.

Left and Middle, Wearable Muslin for New Look 6123, Right self drafted floaty top.

Again I'm quite happy that I have fitted this pattern as the plain version is a nice sheath dress which I think is going to be a nice base for modifications.
I am trying to make another version of this dress that I ended up buying for my friends wedding, which is a fantastic dress, well made, nice fit (which is surprising for me) and when I teamed it with a bright orange jacket, totally out of my comfort zone colour wise.

Closet dress, bought at TK Maxx
I think that with some dart manipulation I could make a bodice similar to this and then just replace the sheath skirt with a more flared skirt and this would be a similar style dress.

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